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J.K.Rowling - "The author of Harry Potter"
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J.K.Rowling - The author of "Harry Potter"

I know you all know Harry Potter, but how much do you know about J.K.Rowling – the author of “Harry Potter”?

Well, she grew up in a working class family in Edinburgh. As a child she loved making up stories and wrote her first book at the age of six.

She studied at Exeter University and became a teacher. Later on she got married and had a baby.

Now we all have “good” and “bad” times in our lives. J.K.Rowling like us, also had a “bad patch” in her life. She was out of work, divorced and she was so poor that she had to “go on the dole”.

She lived in a small apartment with her baby and because the apartment was so cold, she often went to a small café, just to keep warm! It was there that she started to write down her ideas, on a napkin, for Harry Potter.

Later, she began to write her first book and sent her manuscripts to a lot of publishers, before she eventually found somebody to publish it for her.

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” became a bestseller in Great Britain and America.

She, herself, can’t believe that her books are so successful.

Just don’t be surprised when Harry begins to notice girls in future books, because Harry continues to grow up!


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